The Ukrainian Judicial Power: steps towards a real transformation

The Ukrainian Judicial Power: steps towards a real transformation

Together with the ending of the formation of a new political power in August this year is approaching the revision of judicial reform announced by the President of Ukraine, issue extremely important and urgent, given the state in which the judiciary is the last few...

Anti-corruption court for Ukraine

For the fourth year of the Ukrainian reform of justice, after the formation of the Council on Judicial Reform in October 2014, the question of creating an anti-corruption court in Ukraine is one of the hottest. In the best traditions of national state building, representatives of almost all social stratums, including cultural figures and even clergy, have already been able to express a public position on this matter. Only one of these facts is enough to realize the degree of politicization of the discussion, which in its nature should be purely legal, and what issues in general it imposes on the process of creating such court.

On the issue of the establishing a procedure for assessing the professional level of candidates for work as a judge

During the last two decades, the Ukrainian judicial system has been in constant process of the reforms. By the year 2002, its issues were regulated by the Law "On the Judiciary", which was adopted in 1981 and acted with certain changes and additions until 2002. Along with this law, the legal status of a judge was determined by a separate Law of Ukraine "On the Status of a Judge". The mentioned normative acts at one time in a certain way regulated certain issues of the functioning of the judicial system of Ukraine and defined the legal status of judges of Ukraine, acted in certain editions, were amended and supplemented.

Analytical review of the Law of Ukraine “On the Constitutional Court of Ukraine”

At the end of the sixth session of the eighth convocation, after many unsuccessful attempts, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine managed to adopt the new wording of the Law of Ukraine "On the Constitutional Court of Ukraine". The indicated edition, it should be noted, is far from the worst possible option, although it is not without faults, including the systemic nature. The purpose of this analytical review is to attempt to provide objective coverage of both positive and negative aspects of the adopted law, which will further improve its editorial content, and in no case, is any political or custom nature.